Dobango’s Pinterest Contest Benefits the Virtual Bookmarking Giant

Dobango, Inc. ( held a unique contest on Pinterest for the 4th of July in order to communicate its brand message, gain more attention and attract followers. The contest, which offered an attractive grand prize of $1,000, was intended to market for Dobango, but it could have some game-changing effects for both Pinterest and other brands looking to hold contests on the visual bookmarking and social media site.

During pre-marketing for the contest, Dobango gained over 4,500 new followers in a matter of a few days, and Pinterest moved to the top referral source of traffic for the social gaming company’s website. “Leveraging Pinterest’s simple yet powerful platform and huge user base has been a key factor in our growth this month,” said Dev Gandhi, CEO of Dobango.

The contest ( itself was unique in the fact that it was the first to integrate Pinterest’s API coding to automatically push pins onto Dobango’s contest board, and pull data back from it to post on the contest landing page managed on Dobango’s social gaming platform. This could mean higher expectations for future contests held by other brands – prizes aside, users from the Gen X are growing accustomed to real-time updates, leaderboards, and high levels of interaction within the community, which is exactly what Dobango offered in its contest.

Pinterest is getting added benefits for this contest platform, also. Thanks to requests for votes from contest participants, many signed up for Pinterest to enter the contest just to vote for entries. Youki Sunaga, the grand prize winner, said that many of her friends got hooked on Pinterest after voting for her submission. “Some of them really loved the site and are already creating their own boards,” said Sunaga.

This mutual back-scratching model between Dobango and Pinterest is a preview of things to come for future contests held by other brands who can leverage Dobango’s social gaming platform in their own marketing efforts.

About Dobango, Inc.

Dobango is the only social gaming company where users play for free and win real prizes sponsored by merchants. Dobango’s cross-platform games helps merchants drive online traffic to offline stores. It’s a highly effective marketing media with a proven ROI that is many times better than traditional advertising methods. Dobango’s virtual tournament and casino-style games are available on Facebook, iPhone, Android phones and the Web. Dobango is privately held and is based in Sunnyvale, California. For more information visit Download Apps on iPhone, iPad

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