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In early 2002 Intel became the first chip manufacturer to release a processor incorporating a new technology known as Simultaneous Multithreading, or SMT. Intel's SMT implementation (dubbed Hyper-Threading or HT) has been available in their Xeon processor line for over a year, with little fanfare. In April 2003, Intel announced that HT technology will be added to its desktop-focused Pentium 4 line of processors. With HT enabled on one of these new systems, the BIOS will present a single processor to the operating system as two logical processors. As Java developers, we should all be excited about this new feature of Intel processors. The java.lang.Thread object was one of the key factors driving Java to the strong position it enjoys in the server-side applications market. Both client and server applications written in Java often make heavy use of threads. Indeed ev... (more)

links for 2010-03-26

Another Good Reason Not to Shoot Nukes at Asteroids : Discovery News Gravity I suppose, not to forget the radiation. 'Scientists have found that if a nuclear weapon did blow an asteroid apart, it could reassemble itself in a very short period of time, continuing its path to death and destruction.' (tags: space astronomy nuclear-weapons asteroids) The University of Oklahoma College of Law: A Chronology of US Historical Documents: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death The original speech (tags: history liberty politics speech reference archive documents usa) CultureLab: William Sims Bainbridge: Seeing the future in games The Matrix… Are we there yet? (tags: sociology warcraft gaming virtualworlds games future culture) iPhone app developed to control NASA 'Mars robot' – Recombu Result of a competition apparently (tags: iphone apps nasa space) The Ten Greatest Modern-Day Rec... (more)

Pushing Out to Your Clients

Since Push technology is making such a big splash with the Internet community, naturally we wanted to take a closer look at the emerging technology. Java Developer's Journal recently had a chance to interview Mark Bowles ( of Tibco. Tibco recently released the latest version of its TIB/Rendezvous Push product. TIB/Rendezvous is an industrial-strength messaging tool which allows application developers to build scalable distributed applications that share data across LANs and WANs. These applications run on heterogeneous platforms and communicate transparently with self-describing data messages and subject-based addressing. Mark is the Technical Guru (his official title) of Tibco and was very enthusiastic about doing the interview. JDJ: How did you get started with Push technology? MB: TIBCO started life in 1985 (80 Net years ago) as a large-scale cust... (more)

Monetizing Wi-Fi Starts Here

WBT's Wi-Fi editor reports on a recent conference that was devoted to examining the value, profit prospects, and real-world obstacles inherent in deploying and maintaining wireless public Internet access networks ­ commonly called "hotspots." In light of the estimate that there will be over 10,000 public wireless access points by the end of 2002, Ron profiles the players in the hotspot market today, and explains some of the flavors of the 802.11 standard that's fueling the growth of Wi-Fi. My mind often defies logic. My wife will attest to that. I'm more likely to dream about the desired result than the work required to get there. The first time I looked at a Web browser I immediately wanted to download audio and video files. I didn't think about the infrastructure challenges, the privacy/security problems, and the slow access speeds that would need to be overcome ... (more)

Wireless Gambling Is Born: "SMS-TV" Wireless Technology Set to Play Major Role

SMS-TV technology is about to explode globally. Precisely because it is relatively unregulated. Unlike land line telephone service, most cell phone services, and dial-up Internet, cable television's cables and satellite transmissions are not regulated by such US government laws as the 1961 Wire Act. While gambling and obscenity are regulated by the federal government over telecom technologies, they are unable to restrict cable TV, or more importantly, interactive TV. Sit on your couch, point your cell phone at your TV screen, and text-message your placement of a $10 casino chip on the roulette wheel's number 24, You've just placed a real bet, and can watch the spin of the wheel, and the results in real time. Fans of FOX-TV's American Idol have been enjoying SMS-TV technology every time they have text messaged their votes. Publicly traded Zone4play is about to offer T... (more)

Katrina Is "Most-Searched News Event" Since 9/11, Says Lycos

Lycos yesterday announced details from The Lycos 50, the 50 most popular Internet search results for the week ending Sept. 3, 2005. 'Hurricane Katrina' is the most-searched news event since September 11 attacks. No other hurricane, says Lycos, with the exception of Hurricane Floyd, which hit number one in Sept. 1999, has generated the amount of search activity that Katrina currently sees. The Lycos 50 Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending Sept. 3, 2005: 1) Hurricane Katrina 2) Poker  3) Labor Day 4) Britney Spears 5) Pamela Anderson  6) NFL 7) New Orleans  8) Paris Hilton 9) Neopets 10) Dragonball Katrina becomes the most-searched Hurricane in the history of the internet. No other hurricane, with the exception of Hurricane Floyd, which hit number one in Sept. 1999, has generated the amount of search activity that Katrina currently sees. Searches for Hurricane Katrina h... (more)

One More Move, and the Monkey Gets It!

function PopUp01(URL) { day = new Date(); id = day.getTime(); eval("page" + id + " =, '" + id + "', 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=0,status=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,directories=0,hotkeys=0,width=1160,height=880');"); } Why is this monkey in danger? I've been having more fun than a person should have over the past few months with Web 2.0, and you’re going to get a kick out of what I've been doing. Especially since it involves the impending death of a beloved Web mascot. First I must confess that I'm a slime-sucking weasel. No, not the kind you meet in your lawyer's office. The kind that invents things and protects them with IP law. Some of the material I'm going to cover I have protected. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I thought about being a better person and giving away everything I have, but I lost my last billion do... (more)

SYS-CON Events Announces First Ever "AJAXWorld Poker Tournament" – Powered by Kaazing

SYS-CON Events is proud to announce the first ever 'AJAXWorld Poker Tournament' - Powered by Kaazing - making AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West in Santa Clara in September the world's first AJAX conference to offer its delegates the chance to play for great prizes in a real-time poker tournament: using a state-of-the-art AJAX-powered solution with no downloads and no browser plug-ins required, in true AJAX style.  The tournament will be played in real-time and powered by the industry's most advanced real-time Web 2.0 technology for Java EE, namely Enterprise Comet. Everyone registered for the conference can participate for free, whether amateur or expertly-skilled. The poker tournament is No Limit Texas Hold'em, and the tournament will be open during the Expo Floor hours until completion at 12:00PM Wednesday, September 26th (Day 3).* There will be several opportun... (more)

Web Hosting, Data Centres, Technology and Cosmetic Surgery

As the sun rises in the East and bears visit the woods, we can state with absolute certainty that we will be blitzed with a plethora of “best of”, ”worst of” and “pick of” lists, and of course ‘what’s hot what’s not for 2010” predictions, in the next couple of weeks. And this year it will be worse. Not only do we say goodbye to 2009 but we also move up into a new decade. Copy writers have even greater license to fill a few column inches with those trivial facts that we feign a healthy disinterest in but secretly devour, storing the data to impress our friends and colleagues at some later date. And when the opportunity does arrive to finally impart our new found knowledge, Oh Boy! do we like revelling in our own self importance. We have the sudden urge to give it the old Billy Big Bananas treatment. We’re not content with simply stating that Will Young’s ‘Evergreen’... (more)

This Year’s CES Show at Las Vegas, So What’s New and Who’s Interested?

CES 2010 on Ulitzer The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was grandiose and overwhelming as always. As my colleague Jeff Shelmire and I represented ChannelVission Inc to scope out the latest in tech madness, we were assaulted by a sensory overload of 3-D screen enablers, perceptive sensors, gaming devices for a lazier and racier audience and phones that promise to be smarter than ever before. Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and all the big names were loving it as they have been looking for just this kind of  interest surge to get back into the game after last year’s abysmal retail push. Tablet sized touch screen net books and niche e-readers were in abundance as trend dictates smaller, sleeker and more mobile. Since everyone is crazy about downloading apps for everything from bird watching to clock ticking (OK, I made this one up but I’m sure it exists som... (more)

Apple iPad in 3rd Place Behind iPhone and Android For Application Developers

Apple Tablet on Ulitzer Apple Tablet on Ulitzer - Appcelerator, a platform which is used to develop Apple Tablet applications, on Tuesday, announced the findings of a new poll taken of application developers about their plans to build applications for the Apple Tablet. Taken last week from a pool of 18,000 of Appcelerator's application developers, 554 developers weighed in with responses about their plans, interests and preferences around Apple's forthcoming Tablet. Appcelerator also announced that its flagship cross-platform product, Appcelerator Titanium, would support the new Apple Tablet. Titanium enables web developers to use industry-standard, open-source Web technologies such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS to quickly build rich, fully native applications that run on the iPhone, Android, Apple Tablet, PC, Macintosh, Linux platforms from a single code base. The ... (more)